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Parts needed - process on ticketing portal

Create a new SQ template “Parts Needed” and create a sales quotation and assign to the “Technician” as the Sales Rep in SQ.

Update line item ( parts needed) or Notes for the repair services required

Have a quick Custom report to list the Part Needed for the Warehouse Team ( based on above) to either raise POs or Issue from the stock. In SQ itself the stock indicator will display the stock available

On the Ticketing Portal

Option – 1 

Logged in Technician will see his/her SQ ( Parts Needed or you can also have another template call 'Work Order or Service Order' prior to moving to parts needed)

  • Either Technician can complete the work and update SQ as Ready to Bill or COMPLETE (other templates) where the Finance department will process the same for next steps.

Option -2

( In case there is a long duration of above work/repair or service that takes more than 1 week and involves multiple resources inputs / updates on status / value addition (assign and escalate) 

Create a ticket / task and link to above SQ ( WO or SO or PN Needed) 

  • Take the ticket through completion process and finally assign the same for billing or closure or to update the customer via Ticket #