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Engineering Equipment's Distributor

About Pierce Arrow Inc.

A pioneer in assembling, disassembling, re-assembling and manufacturing and distribution of Engineering Equipments and a certified convertor under the NTEA for various industries.

Challenges and Requirements

Pierce was looking for an efficient, easy to use, still feature rich ERP system to manage its various assembling, disintegrating and rebuilding operations, to efficiently manage its operations, track high value inventory, and service Customers on a faster and committed execution time. 

GreeneStep Solution

Implementation of feature rich all in one GreeneStep ERP solution, for Assembling Finished Products as per Bill of Material, dis-assemble and service various customer requirements including Inventory Management, Accounting, Finance, Procurement and Sales Fulfillment.


Ease of operations, increased efficiency in procurement and handling inventory of Finished Products, handling dis-assembly process and track to be recycled parts re-sale.

Testimonial : Wade Pierce, VP , Pierce Arrow Inc. “Best value in ERP Software”

Wade Pierce ... " We went from running our company on an easily overwhelmed database in Microsoft Access with very little data consistency to a tightly integrated full suite ERP. To say we have solved every problem at this point would be a lie, but for the ones we haven't, we know where they are and we are coming to clean those up! Having your whole company run out of one package at least for the core functions is amazing. If you are looking to get into an ERP software, I highly recommend the team at Greenestep. It has helped us stay current and competitive without grossly overspending"

... On GreeneStep Team and Services : The number one thing for me is the team around this software. First, they are incredibly helpful if there is a problem and go the extra mile to help figure out what is wrong whether it is on your end or if it the occasional bug. At the end of the day though, the software provides an incredible amount of features and depth that is not easily available anywhere else. This software is excellent for any small business that doesn't want to spend every dollar they've ever made on a software package yet not be blown away by larger competitors who spend hundreds of thousands if not millions on an ERP package.