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Tax Invoice Report for India GST Requirements

 A GST Sales Invoice Report will need below details as per GST rules.

  • Assesses’s Firm Name
  • Assesses’s Address 
  • Telephone and FAX
  • Email ID
  • Date
  • Purchaser Name 
  • Address and Contact Details of Purchaser 
  • GSTIN of Purchaser 
  • Multiple copies to be printed and sent along with the Goods - for the Assessee, Purchaser, Transporter


  1. Assessee : a company that makes a Sales and creates Sales Invoice
  2. Purchaser: a company who is the Purchaser of the Goods from the Assessee


GreeneStep Sales Invoice built in report will all above details. 

1) Company (Customer Party) Details

  • Name and Address
  • Contact Details
  • GST #
  • CIN #
  • Sales Rep

2) Header Details

  • Sales Invoice #
  • Sales Invoice Date
  • Sales Invoice Barcode 
  • Purchaser Bill To Name and Address 
  • Purchaser Ship To Name and Address
  • Purchaser PO Reference
  • Purchaser PO #
  • Purchaser PO Date
  • Purchase GST #
  • Mode of Goods Dispatch
  • Transporter Reference
  • Date and Time of Goods Dispatch

3) Line Items Details

  • Product Description (GreeneStep Product Code not preferred on the Print)
  • Product Quantity
  • Product Unit Price
  • Product UoM (Unit of Measure)
  • Product Discount (Amount)
  • Product Basic Amount
  • Product GST%
  • Product GST Amount ((SGST+CGST) OR IGST)
  • Product Total Amount

4) Total Tax Details for the Invoice

  • GST Details - CGST/SGST/IGST Tax Components % and Amt. breakup, total GST amount
  • Bank and Payment Details
  • Terms and Conditions

5) Invoice Amounts Totals:

  • Taxable Amount (if any)
  • CGST/SGST/IGST Tax Amounts (in separate rows as applicable)
  • Non Taxable Amount (if any)
  • Invoice Total
  • Paid Invoice Amount (optional)
  • Payment Discount Amount (optional)
  • Balance Amount (optional)

Number of copies of the Invoice (any other additional copies as per requirement)

  1. Original for Recipient
  2. Duplicate for Transporter
  3. Triplicate for Supplier
  4. Any extra copy