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Warehouse Automation : Scanner Utility

Pre-requsisite : Deploy Greenestep Scanner App on the server

Use a scanner to confirm quantities on a Sales Order or a Purchase Order by scanning the bar code of the product. Improves quick assingment of quanities to confirm to a Bin.

I) Scan or Enter Sales Order:

On scanning or manually entering an open Sales order number, details of the open items ("Open Quantity" greater than zero) of the sales order are listed in the Grid.

Open Quantity = Ordered Quantity - Shipped Quantity - Committed Quantity

Note: When you are entering the Order number or Product Code or a UPC code or a Serial Number # or an Internal Part Number manually without scanning. Please press ENTER key to show details.

II) Scan or Enter Product Code/UPC/Serial#/Internal Part No

On scanning or manually entering a Product code or UPC code or Serial # or Internal Part no, respective products "confirmed quantity" gets incremented.

Invalid scanning details gets logged in the bottom of the app.

Following color coding will help the customer to quickly validate the scanning and proceed for Confirm SO.

1) Yellow : When the "Open Quantity" greater then "Available Quantity" .

2) White : When the "Confirmed Quantity" less then "Open Quantity".

3) Green : When the "Open Quantity" and "Confirmed Quantity" equals.

4) Red : When "Confirmed Quantity" exceeds the "Open Quantity".

"Yellow" is just an indication of negative available stock. They can confirm quantity even when the available quantity is less than zero.

III) Editing Confirmed Quantity

Non-Serialized product: Confirmed quantity can be alter by double clicking the "Confirmed Quantity"

Serialized product : De-serialization can be done by double clicking the "Confirmed Quantity"

IV) Confirming on Sales Order

On click of "Confirm on SO" button. Picked quantity(Confirmed quantity) in the grid gets committed.

Greenestep Scanner App work the same way as above on a Purchase Order.

Functionality remains as "Sales Order" except "Yellow color coding". Here "Yellow" indicates " Available Quantity less than zero".

Email support@greenestep.com for more information about this custom scanner utility.