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Subscribe to Add-on Custom Services and Plug-ins

1. Custom Special Reports and Export to Excel Queries 
2. Process specific Plugins that will add efficiencies to operations
3. Day-end Sales Transaction Dashboard report delivered to your inbox
4. Integrated Webstore for B2C Ecommerce and Online Shopping Cart
5. US Sales Tax Connector : Avalara or TaxJar 
6. Online UPS or Fedex Shipping / Freight Calculation, Tracking # and Label Generation 
7. Migrate to Cloud Data Center and reduce their IT Systems Costs
8. Any backup, business continuity offsite backup & restore services
9. EDI integration or marketplace integrations
10. Any Backoffice Bulk Data Import, Corrections or Data Entry Services
11. Custom Integration with CS-Cart Webstore
12. Custom Integration with Magento Websites
13. Exlcusive Custom APIs to Integrate with GreeneStep from your Apps