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System Requirements for On Premise Deployments

For On-Premise deployment on your LAN Network all the Servers and Workstations need to be connected via DOMAIN (preferable and recommended) or on a Workgroup configuration. 


  • GreeneStep Software Setup is to be installed on Windows Server, with Operating System versions supported from 2012 to 2019 Editions.
  • GreeneStep Client Setup can be installed on Windows Desktops or Laptops, with Operating System versions supported from Windows 7 to 10 Professional Editions only. (Home Editions are NOT COMPATIBLE) 
  • GreeneStep Application support database running on Microsoft SQL Server with versions from 2012 R2 to 2019.

GreeneStep Application supports only Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows OS 2019 (licensed version) and usually support the latest release editions from Microsoft. 

GreeneStep Application requires database on Microsoft SQL Server Express / Standard Edition. Microsoft SQL Server installation is a prerequisite and will work with your IT partner to setup.

GreeneStep provides a Client connectivity software that must be installed on each user workstation. These workstations must have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or higher installed for GreeneStep Application to work seamlessly. 

For GreeneStep Ecommerce Webstore, CRMx Web Access for Field Services Management, Collaboration Portal for Customer, Supplier or Vendors Online Access, Management Dashboards Portal: Latest editions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox internet browser software can be used. The same can be accessed over Smartphones and Tablets such as iPhone or iPad or Android Smart Devices.

Security Settings

โ— GreeneStep Software installed machines MUST have a good Anti-Virus software running and be on current updated latest versions.

โ— GreeneStep Client users should have ADMIN RIGHTS or at least the user must be part of โ€˜Local Admin Groupโ€™ on their workstations to run GreeneStep Software.

โ— If Firewall Security enabled on GreeneStep Software installed machines, it must allow communication between Server and Client workstations for COM+ Network Access, Distributed Transaction Coordinator and if required for GreeneStep Application.

Installation Prerequisites

GreeneStep Software Installation requires following prerequisites.

  • .Net framework 4.0 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express or Standard Edition can be from version 2012 R2 to 2019.
  • IIS 8.x (for GreeneStep Web Applications)
  • GreeneStep Web Access and Dashboards Module supports database running on Microsoft SQL Server (any edition from version 2012 to 2019)

For installation, GreeneStep Technical Team will guide you for initial configuration setup or review the machines before installing GreeneStep Software.

GreeneStep Web Applications has been tested for compatibility with the following browsers using 1024x768 screen resolutions:

  • Google Chrome 90.x or higher (recommended)
  • Safari 14.x or higher
  • Firefox 88.x or higher
  • Microsoft Edge or Internet Browser is not recommended as it does not support few features that is compatible with other browsers.
Note: GreeneStep Collaboration and Web Reports can be accessed on tablets like iPad and Smartphones like iPhone or Android Phones. 

However, the content display and user interface are not exclusively designed for these devices and is not 100% responsive (though we are making efforts to make it โ€˜nearโ€™ responsive and confirm to various device form factors for commonly used screens except for the line item grids).