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HOSTED Deployment on GreeneStep's Private Datacenter and Service Levels

GreeneStep Private Data center in USA: Phoenix NAP Data Center

Assured Service Levels

GreeneStep helps customers with their end-to-end Business Software and IT Services on the hosted servers provided to the customer.

Currently the physical servers are leased from Secured Servers, US. On which we will host GreeneStep Business Management Software.

Based on the Hosted Model chosen, Customer will get the related list of hardware and software configurations that will allow you to get the most out of GreeneStep Hosting Services. In general, the service level agreement includes:

Data Center Support

  1. 24x7 Connectivity with 99% Availability
  2. 24x7 application monitoring and alerting by GreeneStep
  3. Antivirus and Firewall Security
  4. Full support for GreeneStep Business Management Software and related products
  5. GreeneStep Software Customization Services provided separately.

Data Center Services as provided by our Hosting Partner

  1. World-class IT environment
  2. Temperature and humidity controlled
  3. Power backup
  4. Fire detection and suppression systems
  5. Locked environment with controlled key access


99% Network Uptime Guarantee (and depends on the Hostel Model)

  1. 24 Hour Hardware/ Virtual Server Replacement Guarantee
  2. 24 Hour Data Restore Guarantee from the backup repository
  3. 24x7 GreeneStep Support Portal to log support tickets and task requests