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Case Study : JDW Distributors, US

JDW GIFT BASKET SUPPLIES partners with GreeneStep to leap forward with ‘eBusiness Management and Integrated Ecommerce Solution’

Industry : Distribution and Retail
Profile : JDW Gift Basket Supplies offers over 100 categories with around 1000 products and items to wide variety of customers.

Business Situation

E-commerce is growing in leaps and bounds and JDW Gift Basket Supplies wanted to leverage the current technologies, but was concerned about business discontinuity and customization challenges.


GreeneStep technologies with its OnCloud ERP Software offered JDW a great platform that was both easy to manage and easy for the customer to use. It promised to take away all IT management chores leaving JDW free to focus on its customers and products


  • Compliance to PCI for credit card payment processing through PPI Paymover
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Better customer experience 
  • Greater web awareness within JDW with for customer retention

Gift baskets customer are impulse purchasers and customers love to see a big range of inventory on an e-commerce store. They prefer an interface that is fast and intuitive.

For this, Jon Kearley of JDW Gift Basket Supplies turned to GreeneStep for their new gen business suite, GreeneStep. With GreeneStep OnCloud, JDW-GBS can offer a wide range of products in a pleasant interface without compromising on the back end integration. 

"Unlike other such products, OnCloud is highly extendable to suit the fast changing needs of the retail business."
  •  Know what, the entire product was deployed in 2 weeks and JDW-GBS did not suffer the usual discontinuity that occurs during most product transitions.
  • Small and Medium Business (SMB) companies don’t usually have an in-house IT or programming team and with OnCloud, Jon will not need one. Jon can easily manage the back end engine on his own and GreeneStep hosts the product and maintains it for Jon in their data centre.

This leaves Jon to focus on his customers and not worry about IT, product, Platform, Uptime and other distractions. In the 2 weeks since JDW made the switch over to GreeneStep OnCloud, JDW has recorded a jump in sales as compared to previous years when using another system.

"I am very delighted to get associated with GreeneStep as they increased my online Orders by 300% after integrating PayPal on my web site. I am very impressed with their high quality work, professional service and on time deliveries"... Jon