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CRMx – Collaboration Training Video Links

How to Login? (to CRMX Collab Web Access) Video

How to Clock In and Clock Out Video 

How to Create and Update a Customer Master Video     

Creating a Sales Quote, Update and View Report Video     

How to convert Quote to Order or Create a new Sales Order Video     

How to Create, Update a Vendor or a Supplier Video     

How to Create a Purchase Request and Upload Vendor Quotes Video 

How to Create a Purchase Order Video     

How to Create a New Product or a Service or KIT or BOM FG Video

Quick Global Search and Lookup Video     

Workforce or Team Collaboration and Task Requests Video     

Customer B2B Self Service Portal Video     

Vendor or Supplier B2B Collaboration Portal Video   

Management Dashboards: Explore and Navigate Video      

CRMx - THE X factor of doing CRM using GreeneStep Video