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Training and OnBoarding Sessions

Training to end users will be provided by creating a MOCK Company where in the core Masters Data like Chart of Accounts or Ledgers, Products and Services Master with Sell Price, Discounts if any, Suppliers Master and Customers Master data will be imported or sample created. 

Training by various module or by department functions will be explained using above sample mockup company data through GOTO Meeting Conference where all Users or set of users can attend the training. 

Each training session will be between 60 to 90 minutes. 

Training Sessions will be recorded and shared with Customer for reference.

Training Sessions Breakup:


  1. Products Master, Cost, Sell Price and Restocking
  2. Kit and Assortment Product Definitions
  3. Bill of Material for Finished and Semi-Finished Products
  4. Product Matrix Attributes, Dimensions and Matrix Product Creation


  1. Leads/Prospects Master Import
  2. Lead Generation and Sales Pipeline Management


  1. Customer Master / Prospect Conversion
  2. Sales Process 
  3. Sales Quote / Sales Order and Sales Invoices 
  4. RMA – Credit Notes 
  5. Retail POS Sales
  6. Merge Duplicate Customers


  1. Supplier Master 
  2. Purchase Order/Goods Receipts/Purchase Invoice 
  3. Batch Purchases (MRP and Reordering)


  1. Stock Bin Creation 
  2. Stock Adjustments/Transfers/Stock Taking 

Finance and Accounting

  1. Receipts and Payments
  2. Bank Reconciliation / Deposits 
  3. Tax Masters and Rules Setup 
  4. Payment Terms/Payment Methods 
  5. General Journals 
  6. Repeat Journals 
  7. Cost Adjustment 

IT Operation and System Admininstraiton

  1. User Masters, Users Security Rights
  2. Tasks Management 
  3. Admin Module – Business Rules, Default Settings, Reports Email and Custom Reports