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Implementation Process

 1) Will start with Sales Hand Off call knowing the customer and their go to personnel for the transition project.
2) Schedule Business Process Review call with Customers Stake Holders
  • Business Process Review (BPR) kick off call to understand Customers' Process. 
  • During this BPR call customer can explain their current/existing process.
  • Certain processes based on discussion will GreeneStep team suggest new BPR aligning to GreeneStep Application Software.
  • Sign off detailing the schedules and processes.
3) Access to Server
  • As part of Implementation we will need access to your Server and we will share out static IP, so you can enable connection only for this IP address or provide us the VPN access details. We will review the SERVER configuration and current existing SQL SERVER setup and suggest if any additional software, updates are required for GreeneStep Installation. Access to the SERVER can be through VPN or other REMOTE ACCESS Software’s.
  • GreeneStep will provide STATIC IP Address so the customer can enable Remote access only from the specific IP Address. This is to ensure the connection is Secured and is not vulnerable for any other 3rd party to access.
  • GreeneStep Technical Team will login and verify the current system requirement in terms of Hardware and Software configuration. Details will be shared and wherever necessary will suggest the customer or their IT team to install additional updates that may be related to Operating System.
4) Installation of GreeneStep Application Software
  • Once Servers access is provided GreeneStep Implementation Team will start the installation process and will install GreeneStep Application Software.

i. Database Server

  • This will have GreeneStep Application Software installed with Database Server, Business Server (optional and can be installed separately in a different Server) and Client Application.

  ii. Web Server

  • Recommended to have a different Server that is secured with SSL as Website will be exposed to the world. 
  • Implementation Team will install GreeneStep Business Server, Web Store and Client Application.
  • Web Store will be configured and will verify if we are able to browse internally as local host.
  • Customer’s IT team to install the SSL Certificate, Secure the server and take necessary steps.

iii. Client Application

  • GreeneStep client will be installed on customers workstations.
  • As part of the process we will ensure user is able to login, modify/update data and able to print reports.
  • How to install Client will be documented and shared with users for installing clients for all users. 

With this GreeneStep installation process is completed and customer is updated about the same. Sandbox Company login details are provided to the customer for them to login and review.