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GO LIVE Process

  1. New Company Database for LIVE Prodcution Usage will be created
  2. Master Data will be imported again similarly done for Mock Company

Additional Imports after closure of Business Hours before GO LIVE Date

  • Inventory Stock Quantity Import for Opening balances
  • Accounts Receivables Import
  • Payables Aging Import
  • Payables and Receivables Transaction Balances

Product quantity can be added to system using GreeneStep Sock Count Import Option

Accounts Payable- Import of AP Open Balances by Supplier

Account Receivable - Import of AR Open Balances by Customer

Above will be done using GreeneStep Import Manager Program based on the data provided in an excel spreadsheet.

Import Legacy data for Customers (Sales Invoice Line items, Notes and Attachments) as per the format provided in a spread sheet. Similarly for the Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes and Debit Notes

All Open Sales Order and Sales Quotes, Credit Order and Credit Quotes, All Open Purchase Orders (Not Received/Not Invoiced) and Debit Orders will be imported on Day of Go Live Date. 

Note: Purchase Orders having Fully / Partially Received – to be reviewed and updated. Only what is balance quantity in the PO will be imported as regular Purchase Order. 

No past financial transactions will be imported.

Other GL Account Balances will be entered manually as General Journal. Closing Balances from Balance Sheet must be entered manually Account Balances-Open Account. Balances Migration using (Single GL option) by Creating a General Journal and entering the account balances