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Data Migration and Import Process

As part of Implementation, for Data Migration, we will create a Mock Company to import your sample or actual data. We will use this mockup company for training your staff and also review what all data needs to be carried over to real production live company database.

Mock Company will have the following Master Data Imported and Setup.

  1. Product Master includes Sell Price, Last Cost, Categories, Brand, Unit of Measure and Create rquired extenended fields for any other non-standard to import
  2. Customer Master includes Billing, Contact, Shipping and realted extended fields 
  3. Supplier / Vendor Master includes Contact and Shipping Addresses
  4. Chart of Accounts
  5. Payment Terms
  6. Taxes

Once we get access to your Database Server we will be able to plan how long it takes for migration and also based on your current version of sql server database.