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How to set up add-on cost feature for purchase invoices to have a better idea of real costs?

Setup Add-on Cost Master to enable disctribution of cost by various methods : By Purchase Quantity, Amount, Weight or Volume dimension.

Pre-requsite Master Setup

  1. Go to Accounting> Masters> Add-on costs and create necessary add-on cost and distribution type. Select option ‘Show Add-On Costs Distribution’, to view and list this in the Purchase Transactions.
  2. In Product Master, select option ‘Add-On Cost Distribution’ in purhcases tab. And in ‘Dimensions’ option enter Weight, Size and Volume as per the Product specifications

Applying Add-on Costs

Go to Menu Purchases > Transactions > Purchase Orders

After entring the product line items to purchase, Go to ‘Details’ tab and click on the Add-On Amount field to enter various details. 

Note: By default, "Weight" is the distribution method for Freight/Shipping. So the freight amount will be distributed only to the Products based on their weight. If the method selected is ‘User defined’, the user must enter and distribute the amount manually. 

How to view Add-On cost details

Go to Purchase Transaction Menu > Utility > Add-On Costs Details

In the Purchase transaction report, select option ‘Include AddOn / Breakup cost’ to view breakup details of the add-on costs.