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Importing historical or legacy data. What kind of data can be migrated into GreeneStep?

We can bring in specific historical data when you migrate to GreeneStep.

  • Product Master and Link to Images Repository
  • Customers Master
  • Prospects Master
  • Suppliers / Vendors Master
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Inventory Stock / Quantity Opening Balances
  • AP and AR Opening Balances
  • All Open Sales Quotes and Sales Orders, Credit Orders and Credit Quotes
  • All Open Purchase Orders (Not Received/Not Invoiced) and Debit Orders
  • Supplier Part Numbers
  • Customer Part Numbers

Existing Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices will be imported as LEGACY Data only for future references and will not impact Customer/Supplier Balances.

We help to do above from pre-formated excel spreadsheets that you need to provide. Please ask for the standard templates from our Support and Implementation Team