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Can you bring in historical or legacy data? What kind of data can be brought into the system?

Yes we can bring in specific historical data when you migrate to GreeneStep

  • Product Master and Link to Images Repository
  • Customer Master
  • Prospect Mansters
  • Supplier / Vendor Master
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Inventory Stock / Quantity Opening Balances
  • AP and AR Opening Balances
  • All Open Sales Order and Sales Quotes, Credit Order and Credit Quotes
  • All Open Purchase Orders (Not Received/Not Invoiced) and Debit Orders
  • Supplier Part Numbers
  • Customer Part Numbers

Existing Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices will be imported as LEGACY Data only for future references and will not impact Customer/Supplier Balances.

We help to do above from pre-formated excel spreadsheets that you need to provide. Please ask for the standard templates from our Support and Implementation Team