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Best suited for which Industry Verticals/Segments?

GreeneStep ERP and CRMx is best for Distributors, Wholesalers, Drop shippers and eCommerce Retailers who are looking for an integrated solution to manage thousands of SKUs, thousands of Customers and hundreds of Vendors. Rest is assured with our star rated support services. 
  • Distribution and Dropshipments
  • Wholesales of Spares and Supplies
  • Furniture Wholesale Dealers
  • Healthcare and Medical Equipment Supplies
  • Project and Professional Services Firms
  • Retail Point of Sales of Premium Luxury Products
  • Automotive Supplies
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Gifts, Novelty & Souvenirs 
  • Hobbies, Toys & Games 
  • Home Improvement Supples
  • Industrial Equipment & Supplies 
  • Sporting Goods and Fitness Equipments
  • Lifestyle and Beauty Care Products 
  • Musical Instruments & Supplies 
So far implemented for below businesses/purposes :
  1. Distributors and Wholesalers
  2. Contract Assembly Manufacturers
  3. Traders & Warehouse Management
  4. Professional Services Companies
  5. Technology Providers
  6. Multi-Store POS Operations
  7. ERP/POS for Defence Contractors 
  8. Leasing and Route Management 
  9. IT Helpdesk / Ticketing / Support System
  10. Workforce Collaboration Management 
  11. Dealers/Retailers Collaboration System
  12. Field Services Management
  13. CRM and Customer Communication System 
Controlling and Centralizing Business Data : Inventory to Finance Management