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Why choose GreeneStep? 15 Reasons and Benefits

GreeneStep helps your business grow and succeed!

As a Techno-Functional Team with over 300 years of combined experience, we are confident of our Domain and Subject Matter knowledge coupled with smart techniques and skills to do Systems Change and Transition Managment. We have a solid backup of our exting customer who vouch our delivery of Support and Customization Services.

1. Ease of use/familiar and process steps to operate. Roadmap driven by customers

With GreeneStep you will find windows based familiar user interface screens, faster processing of data and user-friendly quick access screens on right click of mouse, with standard business process / functional steps. You will quickly get familiar and adopt an enhanced system and increase your productivity.

2. Streamlined implementation with knowledgeable support members

GreeneStep is well-positioned to understand, prepare for and manage the intensity of a company-wide ERP implementation. Our strong domain knowledge and experience of implementing at over hundreds of clients helps in understanding our customer's business processes quickly and easily. Services are provided by a remote team at GreeneStep headquarters, and ably assisted by regional partners. Our support team handles all the data migration, existing custom reports and ensure all your account balances are matching. Rest assured.

3. Lower cost of training and familiarity of UI

GreeneStep being an integrated and from single vendor takes care of end-to-end IT needs of typical SMBs. GreeneStep takes care of IT from implementation, training, support and maintenance, upgrade to new versions with integration needs at lower costs. Windows and Web UI make the transition and training a cake walk. We take care of your technical needs and our functional experts make feel at ease while training.

4. Quicker transition with your legacy data migration

Transition from your old ERP to GreeneStep can be done quicker in less than one month. Data Migration is hassle free with GreeneStep. We handhold bringing in all your data while you can sit and watch. We even help you to correct and remove discrepancies in your data. Our Accounting experts will ensure your opening balances are all in before go live and ensures your financial statements are matching. You have the ability to view all your legacy and historical data with new data.

5. Regular Technology Upgrades to keep obsolence at bay

Collaborate with your employees on your mobile on the go with GreeneStep Collaboration module. View Customers, all MIS Reports on the move. Soon you will see the app on your iPhone / iPad and coming soon an Ecommerce App that allows you to view items and categories, create and view customers and their contact details, create, view SQ, SO and much more. 

6. Deployment of your choice and migrate to/from as needed, when needed

The integrated product can go live with back office functionalities in two to four weeks either as ‘On Premise’ or as ‘Hosted’ Service at GreeneStep Data Centers in US and Canada. Or you can choose your hosting partners. Or we can host at our dedicated data center. Our technical team will work your partner to make deployment and accessibility seamless. 

7. Ready Integrations with 3rd Party Partners. We will front end for you…

GreeneStep partnered and integrated various new state-of-the-art 3rd party software functionalities to ensure a seamless business management software. Best of the solutions: Integrated without re-inventing the wheel. Currently we have Advanced Business Activity Monitor ( KnowledgeSync from Vineyardsoft) , CC Processors / Payment Gateways (OpenEdge Paypros, Cardknox Authorize.net, Paytrace from Vantage B2B, Moneris for Canada), UPS or Fedex Online Shipping, Taxation ( with either Avalara or TaxJar), EDI and Marketplace Integration Connectors and Plug-in all ready to use.

8. And also … Best Practices Recommendation and Transformation Consulting

We will give you big, streamlined growth and scale up ideas. We add value of business services for IT, Accounting and Reporting. GreeneStep ERP has the standard business process that will streamline your company’s business operations, increases collaboration among employees and business partners that would boost productivity and top line of your company. The transformation will be planned in steps and aligned with company's vision and strategy. You are in safe hands. 

And much more...

9. Knowledgeable functional domain and subject matter expertise available over email and skype at your convenience. Get dedicated access to our support portal.

10. Committed to enhancing the product based on customers’ feedback. We are open to you funding or partnering with other customers of ours for new enhancements or features…

11. Simple, fair, transparent pricing – all documented and agreed.

12. Open, honest, two-way communication

13. Your inputs, and feedback are directly taken for new product enhancements and customizations. You drive the product roadmap.

14. Value for the money (versus not really getting any value out of my current system, support and maintenance). Any time. Assured ROI in an year. Lowest total cost of ownership as compared to competitors.

15. Named account manager with escalation lists (with phone numbers) up to and including CEO.

Contact us about GreeneStep ERP + CRM ++ Collaboration +++ Ecommerce…
Ask for a free demo. Email us at info@greenestep.com or sales@greenestep.com