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What is GreeneStep eBusiness Management Suite?

GreeneStep eBusiness Management Solution is an integrated and robust platform to manage your company operations, accounting, inventory and supply chain functions with access from anywhere any time.
  • A complete integrated accounting and buiness operations package to scale and grow
  • Aditionally powerful revenue scaler with CRMx with mult-access options from anywhere anytime over the cloud from a Desktop, Web , Smartphones and Tablets
  • Remote Working and Online Collaboration for your Employees, B2B Customers or Suppliers; Secure and integrated
  • Integrated Ecommerce Webstore for B2B and B2C with real time inventory visibility
  • Business Dashboards and Analytics for Owners and Managment for real time decisions
  • Built on Microsoft SQL Server Database a Client-Server Architechture with scalable and Secure Design with .Net and MVC5 Framework
GreeneStep covers broad spectrum of advanced features and provides great value
  • Financially secure transactions, complete tracking from user entries to balance sheets ensuring total control and effecient governance of business functions and operations
  • Integration of business processes, transactions for Sales, Point of Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Shipping, Finance, Taxation and Accouting managment
  • Handshake with Suppliers and Customer application data, masters and transaction by extending GreeneStep masters. (Customer and Supplier part numbers, serial numbers)
  • Highly configurable and customizations of transaction preferences and reports
  • Powerful yet flexible Pricing and Costing options, projected sales revenues, stock aging techniques to achieve business growth while controlling expenses
  • Extended Business Functions with online Shipping, Statutory Tax Management, Credit Card Processors Integrations custom EDI marketplaces integrations
B2B and B2C enabled e-Commerce website integrated with ERP BackOffice and compliant with PCI standards
  • Setup, configure and modify images, media files, product properties and pricing options on your own
  • Invite Product and Services queries, provide preset and automated, scheduled responses to your Customers
  • Track and increase Website foot print using trending and analytics techniques, analyse Customers spend, browsing patterns to maximize online sales revenue
Leverage Online Collaboration and CRM system to manage Customers, Vendors, Business Partners and intra-company communications
  • Initiate, track and execute customer complaints, service requests, sales order and invoices communications
  • Organize, exchange and manage business operations tasks/activities/projects internal to the company staff with no e-mails and shared drives and folders - totally secure, fast and easy to use even from Smartphones and Tablets
  • Monitor employee  service delivery and work effeciencies by tagging aging technique
  • Accomplish management control using standard as well as custom templates, reports and automated data processing
Leverage Business Analytics and Management Dasbhoards to keep a real time tab on perforamnce measures. Achieve business goals on sales revenues, cost control, assets, inventories, captial expendures, recurring expenses and productivity


Email sales@greenestep.com for a free demo or for more information.