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What are the various GreeneStep Modules?

  1. Products and Services Db Management
  2. Inventory Control Management
  3. Procurement and Suppliers/VendorManagement
  4. Sales Orders Processing and Fullfillment
  5. CRM and Collaboration
  6. Customers Management
  7. Prospects and Leads Management
  8. Ecommerce eStorefront
  9. Receivables and Payabled Management
  10. Discrete Production Manufacturing and Job Orders Management
  11. Multi-Warehouse Management
  12. Finance - Payments and Receipts Management
  13. Finance and Accounting and BookKeeing
  14. Analytics , Dashboards and Reporting
  15. B2B Commerce / Customer Portal
  16. Workforce Collaboration
  17. Ticketing Portal and Help desk 
  18. Online Supplier Portal
  19. Field Services Management 
  20. Retail Point of Sales Registers Management