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USPs and Expertise of GreeneStep

Top notch Post Sales Service and Customizations Delivery. Technical and Functional Support/Training provided directly by GreeneStep (the developer).
Assured return on investment within a year and lowest total cost of ownership for GreeneStep eBusiness Integrated Solution as compared to competitors.
Great value relative to competitors for an integrated, robust, extendable and mobile compatible PCI-compliant and secure solution.
A new age business process platform of integrated business collaboration system for B2B Commerce for quick revenue scale up and enabling work for anywhere anytime.
A single go to partner for your business IT Needs.

Greenestep's Team Expertise and Knowledge

Single Go-to-Partner Developer and Implementer 
Experienced techno-functional team of consultants
Domain expertise in supply chain and accounting
Well versed in change and transition management
Validation and usage by growing client base  

Why GreeneStep? Eventual Gains, Benefits and Outcomes for Customers

Gain control over inventories, finances and customer servicing
Collaborate online, realtime with employees, customers and vendors to remove communication gaps and increase speed of delvierables
Streamline business operations end to end with no duplications or rework
Take unified real time, independent decisions based on real time data / reporting