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Features : GreeneStep BackOffice ERP

GreeneStep integrates, streamlines, standardizes and automates "buy-stock-sell" business processes and aids in increasing revenues, operational productivity and helps in delivering better customer services to your customers.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management 

  • Manage Leads, Prospects and Customers Database 
  • Do Prospects Profiling and Contacts Management  
  • Maintain Customer interaction history and transactions data
  • Consolidated view of customerโ€™s purchases and outstandings 
  • Customers Receipts Tracking and Credit Controls
  • Integrated with Leads/Prospects, Sales Pipeline, Retail POS, 
  • Order Processing, Inventory, Finance and Accounting 
  • Opportunity/Sale Pipeline Management with Communication
  • Manage Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Returns and Outstandings real-time
  • Do Customer Servicing with Integrated Help Desk / Ticketing Portal
  • POS, Shipping, Inventory, Finance and Accounting Integrated
  • Check Inventory Online and collect payments on Orders  

Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

  • Manage 1000s of Product SKU and Services Items/Categories
  • Products Multiple Images and Pictures Storage
  • Manage with multiple unit of measures
  • Track and Manage Serial Number and Batch Products 
  • Multiple pricing rules, real time stock status and bar codes
  • Multi-locaiton warehouses and mult-stock bins management
  • Pick Sheet Management
  • Enable warehouse personnel to view SO and do Pick Listing
  • Review Stock Aging and do replenish/stock clearance 
  • Track Stock Transfers and Manage Material Issues
  • Controlled Stock Adjustments
  • Do streamlined physical stock / cycle counting 
  • Bar Code Data Scanner for quick shipments and goods inwards
  • Manage Assets, Issues and Serialized High Value Products   
  • Product Assortment with multiple dimensions and attributes
  • Ecommerce, Sales, CRM, Purchases and Accounting Integration 

Sales Orders Processing and Shipments Management

  • Integrated with CRM, Inventory, Finance and Accounting 
  • Manage Sales Quotations and track negotiation history
  • Process Sales Quotations --> Orders --> Invoicing
  • Process Returns and Authorizations
  • Sell and Promise based on Stock Availability
  • Review Sales History and Sales Rep performance real time 
  • Do Margin Analysis and Promise based on Stock Availability
  • Do Picking, Packing and Despatch with Shipping Tracking #s
  • Integrated with B2B and B2C Ecommerce Webstore Orders 24x7
  • Writeback Integration from Starship
  • WorldShip Connector Support
  • Plug-ins for Online UPS, USPS 
  • Plug-in for FedEx Online Shipping Rates
  • Capability to build custom shipping LTL options  

Retail Point of Sales (POS) with Registers and Counters Management 

  • Integrated POS terminals, Inventory, Billing
  • Manage multiple POS Sales Counters for walk-in customers
  • Speed up your point-of-sales with barcodes and touch-screens
  • Integrared Credit Card Processing and Cardknox BBPOS Support
  • Product Image Views and Force Sales Options
  • Manage Refunds and On Account Sales at POS Counters
  • POS end-of-day Reports, Forces Sales Report and track Payments by Registers

Procurement and Vendor Management

  • Manage 100s of Suppliers and Vendors with multi-currency 
  • Manage Purchase Requests, Orders, Goods Receipts and Returns
  • Do MRP and Restocking Purchases Plan with Purchsae Orders generation in batch
  • Do Dropship Orders directly from sales orders
  • Maintain multiple costs, track last costs and landed costs
  • System recommends reorders based on rules 
  • Link Purchases tasks and set reminders
  • Direct stock updates on goods receipts and purchase invoicing
  • Track Average Cost, Last Cost and Landed Costs
  • Enable secure login to your Suppliers and enable procurement coordination 
  • Can view real time inventory and stock information of their supplies
  • View your Purchases History and their Account Payable Statement
  • Manage Expenses and Reimbursement
  • Track Purchase side Taxes, GST, VAT and TDS
  • Inventory, Payments (Check Printing) and Accounting Integrated 

Discrete Production & Manufacturing Management

  • Bill of Material Setup for Assembly of Finished Goods and Semi-Sub Assemblies
  • Do MRP, Purchases Planning and Ordering
  • Multi- Stage Production Tracking
  • Integrated with Inventory and Accounting
  • Handle Multiple Job Orders to final product
  • Auto Generate Job Orders from Sales Orders ( via Plug-in)
  • Track Notes and Projects associated with Job Orders 

Financial and Taxation Management

  • Integrated Billing and Payment Receipts
  • Option to do Bulk Payments and Receipts
  • AP and AR Tracking for multi currency transactions
  • Integrated with Sales, Purchases and Retail POS 
  • Sales Tax, GST Reports / 1099 Vendor Reports
  • Credit Card Processor Integration and Check Payment Options 
  • Bank Deposits and Bank Reconciliation Process  
  • Miscellaneous Voucher Payments and Receipts
  • Real time Accounts Payables and Receivables Tracking 
  • Integrated with Sales, Purchases and Retail POS 

Integrated Accounting and Book Keeping with Statutory Reports

  • Maintain General, Sales and Purchases Ledgers
  • Real time updates from Inventory, Sales and Purchases Module 
  • Ease of maintaining Payments Registers
  • Maintain Multi-Level Chart of Accounts and manage multiple Accounting Years
  • Real time Financial Statements โ€“ Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Trial Balance, Stock Reports, Cash Flow Statements 
  • Over 150 MIS Reports 
  • Standard Transaction Reports like Quotation, Orders and Bills
  • Email Reports Directly, Export to Excel and DrillDown 

Integrated Ecommerce Webstores and Marketing Management

  • Integrated e-storefront and shopping cart with Backoffice Inventory/CRM realtime
  • Setup and Manage multiple website pointed to single database
  • Manage multiple images for products and categories
  • B2B and B2C Features โ€“ For Shopping Cart
  • Update Website and Webstore content without any programming knowledge. Setup multiple images for products and categories
  • Customer registration and order status on web
  • Mobile responsive and standard template
  • Online inventory availability information and checkout process
  • Integrated with Credit Cards, Shipping and Tax Calculations 

Workforce Collaboration and Tasks Management 

  • Enable Remote Working with GreeneStep Collboration Portal
  • Online Task, Contact and Communication Management
  • Configure as Help desk, incident, ticketing and complaint management system
  • Link to tags for functional and process status / reporting
  • Securely enable information visibility and get EMAIL alerts
  • Enable Services Orders for field technicians and service engineers work made easy
  • Create, assign and track service work orders
  • Receive Credit Card Payments for completed/billable Services
  • Integrated with Google Maps for directions
  • Integrated with Inventory, CRM and Tasks Requests
  • Real time access from any where any time

Users, Security, Systems and Operations Management  

  • Setup Users, Logins, User Groups and Securities
  • Security Rights at field, screen and process level 
  • Manage and Setup Email Alerts for various business events
  • Powerful Search and Filters to quickly find data/information
  • Speedup Data inputs using various defaults and preferences
  • Define and Track Projects at transaction levels
  • Detail Audit Trail to Track System Usage