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Big Impact Features for Your Business Operations

  1. PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing - Eliminate CC Risk in ERP and CRM
  2. Unified CRMx with Work COLLABORATION for inter and intra company communication
  3. B2B Customer Portal for Orders and Help Desk Ticketing
  4. Consumable Costing and Accounting
  5. Flexible Cash Receipts and Payments Record Keeping
  6. Automated and Interlinked Dropship and Purchases Process
  7. Integrated Warehouse Pick Ticketing and Orders Fulfillment Process
  8. US GAAP Compliant Accounting and Financials with Taxation and Statutory Reports
  9. Shelf Life HAZMAT and Perishable Products Features
  10. Advanced Preimum Products Retail Point of Sales with Forced Sales
  11. Better inbuilt TAXATION Module ( Sales, Purchases, GST, VAT) with Tax Rule Builder
  12. Optional Avalara Sales Tax Integration for US and can also choose TaxJar
  13. Optional Online UPS Shipping Plug-in Subscription
  14. Configurable Production Job Order Assembly and Disassembling functionality
  15. Integrated Sales Pipeline, Prospects or Leads Management
  16. Advanced and Fleixible Reporting Tool for extensions and customizations
  17. Product Images Repository and Documents Storage System
  18. Automated Email Notifications and Alerts Manager to email reports
  19. Advnaced Security Options
  20. Built for Business Owners Usability and Quicker User Adoption