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Ticketing and Remote Collaboration

 Enable Ticketing System for 'Work From Home' Employees and Consultants

  1. Facilitates remote login and seamless team work with ticketing system
  2. Track and manage their Project Tasks
  3. Provide CRM Support to customers directly by Sales and Field Services Reps
  4. Assisting and Escalate tickets and tasks for faster resolution. Enable collaboraiton with view of threaded discussions and updates on each tasks
  5. Track open and closed tickets for services billing with the effort hours updated
  6. Link tickets to customer or supplier along with quotes, orders and invoices
  7. Define process tags and setup default for reporting and improve service and delvierable processes

For your Sales Reps and Sales Agents in multiple territories

  1. Manage Leads, Prospects and Customers
  2. Create Quotes and Orders from Customer site
  3. Manage appointments, outgoing calls and tasks
  4. Access to complete customer history & status
  5. Provide option to manage Sales Orders by Reps
  6. Request for Expense Reimbursements
  7. Track their attendance with clock-in/outs
  8. Track Production Order Status and Stages
  9. Access their performance dashboards 

For your Onsite and Offsite Field Service Technicians and Engineers

  1. View and Manage assigned β€˜work’ Orders
  2. Collaborate with office via tasks real time
  3. View Spares and Inventory Stock
  4. Collect Payments from Customers for services