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Features : B2B Commerce Collaboration

B2B CRMx Collaboration allows real time cross-boundary business 24x7

Secured Portal for your Retailers / Dealers / Customers

  1. Customers can make and evaluate Quotes
  2. Place Repeat Orders Quickly
  3. View Product and Inventory
  4. View their custom prices
  5. Pay for Orders and Invoices
  6. View and Print Invoices
  7. View their Account Statements
  8. View Purchases History
  9. Place Request for Returns
  10. View confirmed Return Authorizations
  11. View and Print Credit Transactions
  12. Raise Task Requests and View Status
  13. Refer and Manage their Leads
  14. Refer their Part Numbers / Stock
  15. Integrated documents management

Remote working and acess portal for your Employees / Consultants

  1. Facilitates remote login and team work
  2. Track and manage their Project Tasks
  3. CRM by Support, Sales Reps and Field Services
  4. View Backoffice Reports using their Mobiles
  5. Manage Sales Order Transactions
  6. Process Accounts Receivable securely 
  7. Request for Expense Reimbursements
  8. Track their attendance with clock-in/outs
  9. Track Production Order Status and Stages
  10. Access their performance dashboards 

For your Sales Reps and Sales Agents who in multiple territories

  1. Manage Leads, Prospects and Customers
  2. Create Quotes and Orders from Customer site
  3. Manage appointments, outgoing calls and tasks
  4. Access to complete customer history & status

For your Onsite and Offsite Field Service Technicians and Engineers

  1. View and Manage assigned ‘work’ Orders
  2. Collaborate with office via tasks real time
  3. View Spares and Inventory Stock
  4. Collect Payments from Customers for services

For your Business Partners/Dealer Agents

  1. Partner can manage profiles of their Referrals / Leads / Prospects and their Customers 
  2. Tasks requests collaboration with above Parties
  3. View Products, Inventory Stock and Profiles
  4. Manage their referrals’ quotes and orders

Suppliers/ Vendors Portal to provide direct quotes and view their stock 

  1. Supplier can create purchase quote
  2. View your purchase orders to fulfill 
  3. Create and update task requests
  4. View their ‘Paid and Open’ Invoices
  5. View ‘payables’ statement report
  6. View returned supplies and debit notes
  7. No more multiple emails or follow ups
  8. Facilitate vendor managed inventory
  9. View their supplies’ stock quantities & part #s